Dr. Mario Barquero Cabrero.

Director of the Economic Area.

Professor and academic Dr. Mario Barquero is dedicated to the business world, where he is Director of the Economic Area of SER, Strategic Economic Relations. He has published his books in different international publishing houses, such as the American Mc Graw Hill and the Spanish Planeta, Gestión 2000 and Editorial Furtwangen, among others.

Leading national media, such as the economic and financial "Expansion" and "Cinco Días", have included his research in their respective encyclopedias of management, business and finance, dedicating a volume to him in each of these media, together with the most reputable international professors.

His research has allowed him to be admitted as a full Academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors (www.reialacademiadoctors.cat) and Honorary Member of the European Higher Council of Doctors (www.consedoc.es).

He has been the General Director (1985 - 2021) of ESERP Business & Law School, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca (www.eserp.com), an activity that he has actively combined with teaching in the area of Economics and Social Sciences, of which he is Guest Professor at various national and international universities of recognized prestige. He is currently the Director of the Economic and Financial Area of SER-Strategic Economic Relations.

He has worked in Spain for Professor Dr. Bernays (Advisor to various Presidents of the United States and the White House itself), as well as for Professor Sir Dr. Sam Black (Advisor to the British Royal Household) and the most representative companies in the United Kingdom.

His university studies in Spain and the United Kingdom led him to obtain the following degrees: Doctorate from the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos; Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Diploma in Business Studies, official European Bachelor in Sciences in Management from Queen's University in the United Kingdom. Master in Public Relations Management in Organizations, University of Barcelona. Graduate in Law from the European Institute of Law and Economics (INEDE).

For his research and contributions to science, he has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of San Andrés in Chile.