Our Experts

More than 30 years of experience

Our team is made up of strategic leaders with outstanding careers in different areas of knowledge, who have successfully advised large companies, leaving a lasting impression in the corporate and institutional sphere.

Each of our executives brings a unique, multifaceted expertise in various fields of strategy consulting, backed by decades of accumulated experience. They have faced and overcome the most complex challenges in the business world, charting sustainable growth trajectories for our clients. Excellence is not just a goal, but a constant in our daily practice.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to perfection and adaptability in the face of market changes. We strive to anticipate emerging trends and implement innovative solutions that drive business success to unimagined levels.

Our reputation is based on tangible results and value creation in the short and long term. We have proven, time and time again, that our team not only provides consulting, but becomes a strategic partner that guides companies to greatness, enabling them to grow their revenue and their contacts. At SER, we are not just professionals; we are architects of successful future business projects, committed to taking each client beyond conventional expectations.


Dr. José Daniel Barquero.

CEO and Director of Lobby, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing.

Professor José Daniel Barquero Cabrero holds a PhD in Economics, Law and Social Sciences from the International University of Catalonia; Camilo José Cela University of Madrid, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila de México and interuniversity degrees from the Universities of Málaga, Huelva, Cádiz and Seville. He is also a Chartered Economist No. 13,049.

Dr. Mario Barquero.

Director of the Economic Area.

Professor and academic Dr. Mario Barquero is dedicated to the business world, where he is Director of the Economic Area of SER, Strategic Economic Relations.He has published his books in different international publishing houses, such as the American Mc Graw Hill and the Spanish Planeta, Gestión 2000 and Editorial Furtwangen, among others.

Dr. Carmen Barquero.

Director of the Legal Department.

Professor in Legal, Social and Economic Sciences.By vocation she has dedicated herself to study, research and teaching, which has allowed her to provide the profession with different published contributions, the last ones with publishers such as the Spanish Planeta and the American McGrawHill.

María bastida Cano.

Director of the Urban Development Projects Area.

María Bastida has extensive experience in construction and decoration, without going any further, her collaborations in the promotions of the renowned architect José Manuel Infiesta in Barcelona, Andorra, Marbella, Mallorca .... stand out. As well as in decoration of houses, apartments, apartments and unique studios endowed with their own personality and uniqueness through interviews with clients.

Anik Kamarian.

Director of the London Office.

Graduated in Business Administration from the Paris School of Business. Her multilingual background (Spanish, French, English, Russian, Armenian) has boosted her professional activity in Eastern markets, specializing in acting as a link between professionals with different cultures and ways of working.